About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 1991, Delta Heart Centre offers patients a full array of imaging services. Delta Heart Centre has earned a great reputation for quality and compassionate patient care.

Delta Heart Centre made its maiden entry as the first non invasive cardiology centre north of Delhi in 1991 with state of the art echocardiography machine (Sonos 1000 which at that point of time was available only at Escorts Heart Centre- bear in mind that the first Color Doppler machines in PGI Chandigarh, CMC and DMC Ludhiana came almost five years later in 1996). In addition to this it also had a Marquette TMT machine (Centra Heart Station) which was also amongst the best at that time.

Subsequently as the centre prospered and keeping in view the need to provide the best to the patients of the city, the owner Dr. J.S. Gill in 1999 bought the Hewlett Packard Sonos 5500 which is still considered one of the best machines.

Our integrated diagnostic services help doctors personalize patient care to superlatively treat disease and maintain their good health and wellness.

A team of experts including physicians, medical technicians, lab assistants, radiologists and other specialists work collaboratively to provide only the highest level of testing quality services to provide unique solutions to your most challenging needs.

Our Vision

We have a pioneering spirit to be the best in our work by being up-to-date with the technology. Our vision is to provide cost effective, quality and accessible diagnostic services to our patients. We aim to deliver accurate diagnosis with the best imaging quality. 

Our Mission

“Your trust in Delta Heart Centre is a really big thing for us.” That’s why our mission is to provide high quality diagnostic services with use of state of the art infrastructure & sophisticated equipment. We make patient safety of paramount importance in this organisation and also provide them the care they expect from our profession.